Action thriller All The Devil's Men has its digital release today in the UK! Find it on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video. The region 2 DVD will be released on January 14th 2019. US fans have been able to see the film in theatres, and can also stream the digital version from December 7th 2018.

Flickering Myth posted a great review for Joseph's performance in All The Devil's Men.

Milo Gibson is a highly watchable action star, though when trying to hit on some of the tougher emotions being asked for couldn’t quite get there. Joseph Milson was a standout in this as the charming yet highly malicious Deighton, as he felt threatening and highly believable as an ex-squaddie gone rogue. A lot of the other characterisations did feel like thriller/action movies archetypes, which didn’t give the other actors much to stand out from the crowd though no one let the film down either.

All the Devil’s Men was a compact, exciting movie. It was no-frills action, with the violence sitting a notch below gratuitous, with enough twists to keep you guessing how things might play out. Its strength lay in how well put together it was, moving forward constantly without apology or large parts of exposition. It showed what you needed to see and got on with it, much like the soldiers it portrayed.