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Genre Drama tragedy


Top chef Joe Macbeth has worked hard to make Duncan Docherty's restaurant a success. So, when he's told it'll all be his one day, what's to stop him taking it now?

James McAvoy, Keeley Hawes, Joseph Millson and Toby Kebbell star in Peter Moffat's updating of Shakespeare's darkest tragedy - Macbeth.

First Aired 14 November 2005 BBC 1

Joseph Millson Role Billy Banquo


BBC - drama - Shakespeare

Co-stars Comments

Keeley Hawes : She filmed Macbeth in the kitchen of a celebrity chef, with an all-male cast. "They're such boys," she says indulgently. "At one point, I'd been a bit naughty, having a giggle at James McAvoy, who played my husband, and Joseph Millson. Then it was my turn to do Lady Macbeth's slipping into madness speech. So they got me back by standing up behind the camera and mooning and bending over. I love having a laugh like that."


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