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Talk To Me (2007)

"The cast are all fantastic...Millson is an actor I’m not to familiar with but he does a great job as Woody especially during the scenes where he learns of his wife’s betrayal with his best friend. Each character is well fleshed out and is given time to cement individually there own story arcs. Talk To Me was great viewing, fast-paced, intriguing, funny, and sexy and had me gripped throughout. A welcome surprising change from a group of people to watch out for in the future". Eye For Film

"Joseph Millson as Woody is fabulous as he discovers the affair between his best mate and his wife."  TV Times

Sarah Jane Adventures (2008)

"However, full honours have to go to Joseph Millson as Maria's dad, Alan. He's been an amiable if slightly dim presence throughout the series but here, Alan does a lot of the dramatic heavy lifting and crucially, moves forward. 'New Who' has been regularly and justifiably criticised for being a show where apocalyptic world events pass unnoticed and everything remains exactly as it was before. This story, for the first time, changes that and it'll be fascinating to see how the relationship between the characters, and the change in Alan's world view, affects it. Plus, top marks must go to all involved for the best skateboard action sequence in years."

And an amusing thought from The Scotsman... "The young actors are charming and the show so far has resisted any inappropriate boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, making it a nice change from the vast majority of modern children's TV drama which seems intent on making young adults out of them too soon (and with that sentence, I have officially become very old - oh well). Mind you, if Russell T Davies and company did want to go there, perhaps they could reward Sarah Jane for all her years helping to save the universe by hooking her up with a toyboy in the form of Maria's adorably uncool, yet endearingly protective, skateboarding dad." The Scotsman

"Kudos also go to Joseph Millson as Maria's recently separated father Alan, and Juliet Cowan in the unenviable role of the grating Chrissie, Maria's mother." IGN

Campus 2009

The standout was Joseph Millson's quite stunningly lazy English Literature lecturer and letch, who regards sleeping with his female students as a perk of the job and awards marks by randomly firing arrows at a target: a bullseye means they get a First. When a male student asks for help with an essay, he's told to go and Google it "and next time, be a girl". Millson is great fun in this role, "a little bit Clooney, a little bit Basil Brush", as he describes himself. The Scotsman