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Survivors by Adrian Hodges is a re-imagining of the classic Seventies BBC drama series, and is based on the novel by Terry Nation


Abby learns of a group of young boys living at a nearby mansion called Waterhouse. She is determined to see if Peter is there, and leaves her new friends in order to find her son. When she arrives at Waterhouse, she walks into the middle of a land dispute between Jimmy Garland, an ex-Army officer who has an ancestral claim to the mansion, and an aggressive group of teenage boys who have taken up residence there.

When Jimmy is injured in a skirmish, Abby nurses him and the two quickly become close. Despite her growing loyalty to Jimmy, Abby must find out if Peter is at the house. She must earn the boys' trust and convince them that a truce with Jimmy would be beneficial for both sides.

Joseph role

Jimmy Garland in episode 4

Broadcast date

9th December 2008 


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