October Films has shared a new previoew video for 8 Days That Made Rome, which includes new glimpses of Joseph as Spartacus and Sarah-Jane Potts as Agrippina. Joseph's episode airs next Friday, 3rd November on Channel 5. Sarah-Jane will appear in episode 6. 

The Radio Times has a detailed preview for Spartacus the Revolt.

You’ve seen the film, now here’s the real story behind the slave revolt led by Spartacus in 73 BC. There’s no “I am Spartacus”, instead there’s Joseph Millson, swapping Holby City scrubs for Roman combat gear as the enslaved Thracian soldier who freed his fellow gladiators and whose rebel forces panicked Rome for two years before falling to the vast armies of the politician Marcus Licinius Crassus. Bettany Hughes makes a good case for seeing the revolt as key to the eventual collapse of the Republic; the Roman Senate was so scared by this threat to the Roman way of life (in which slavery was integral) that it virtually invited dictatorship: the hugely wealthy Crassus paid for his soldiers himself (although he was perfectly happy to kill one in ten of them – decimation – if they failed to follow orders).


Bettany Hughes looks at the day in 73BC that Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator fighting for the entertainment of the Romans, broke out of gladiator school and started a slave revolt. The Republic's rulers were so panicked by the protest that they offered unprecedented power to a single, ambitious individual - Crassus - who promised victory in what would prove a dark foreshadowing of Rome's slide into dictatorship. Dramatisations featuring Joseph Millson, Adam Basil and Rhydian Jones bring the key moments to life.