A few reviews for All The Devil's Men - now available to stream online - have been shared online. It's fair to say that some of the reviews have been mixed, however Joseph Millson as Deighton has had some kind comments posted about his performance in the film.

Some of the slack is taken up by the supporting players, with Fichtner, Akkinaghbe and particularly Milson giving credible performances. Hollywood Reporter

They track their rogue via his one known acquaintance, Deighton (Joseph Millson of TV’s “The Last Kingdom,” impressive in this part). Roger's Movie Nation

Hoeks, Akinnagbe and Millson try do liven up their standard roles – and the jury’s out on whether Milo, son of Mel, will be the new Michael Douglas or the new Jason Connery. The Kim Newman Web Site

And Millson makes for a passably obnoxious villain, keeping things theatrical with Deighton, who never has his mission planned out as perfectly as he imagines. Blu-ray.com