Dread Central have shared an interview with The Ford Brothers in advance of the US premiere of The Dead 2: India at this year's Screamfest LA. They reveal more scarily interesting tit-bits from filming in India. Read the whole thing on Dread Central.

“It can be too much for some people,” he offered. “We did have some quitters halfway through [production], and a lot of our crew felt that it was the hardest shoot they had ever done, but of course, having worked on The Dead in Africa, and endured near-death from malaria, knife-point muggings and gun-point corruption on a daily basis, it was, relatively speaking, much easier for Jon and I. We did, however, get threatened by local goons, had stones and cow dung flung at us whilst trying to shoot in some villages, had a dog drop-kicked at Jon, our local female fixers got threatened with sexual violence, and our lead female actress, newcomer Meenu, was constantly told by young male villagers, often ones who had been made up as zombies, that they were going to ‘have her,’ and that they would take her into nearby fields, etc., at any moment. This would sometimes transpire in-between takes, which got annoying, so she would have to be locked in a vehicle, sometimes with our lead actor Millson, wielding his prop gun for ‘real’ protection! That and a bit of ‘Delhi Belly,’ which initially put our FX guy down for a whole week upon arrival, and heat so extreme in the desert that it became hard to move after sunrise, let alone take a shot that might have some artistic merit, and you have a rough overview of how much fun we had canning this movie!”