Here is the second part of the interview! Interesting news about his new project!

Section C – Much Ado specific

Your portrayal of Benedick had the critics raving – how did you put together your take on such a well known character

We had a long rehearsal – maybe too long. I just played and explored each scene for itself, tried not to worry about the picture, the arc of the story too much. That’s for the audience to see. Stole as much as I could from other Benedicks ! 

You played Benedick for over six months – what did you do to keep the character fresh

Kept trying new things – within reason. Tuned in to the very different atmosphere that each audience brings every night. Concentrated on the other actors.

Are there any lines of Benedicks that you particularly relish ? (As you may have picked up, Susannah is a big fan of “Serve God, love ……me, and mend” for some reason. Karen particularly likes “Come …I will have thee”)

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you, is that not strange ?”

Section D – The future

You have mentioned that you will be starring with Max Beesley and Laura Fraser in a new series for ITV – any hints about your character

I play Woody, a radio producer and best friend of Max’s character in the show. Married to Laura Fraser’s character – she and Max have an affair and all hell breaks out ! 

Are you planning to do any more theatre in the near future ?

Its an addiction I’m trying to take a break from. But not for long – I love it too much.

Ta, Joe