While Joseph is in New York with Sarah-Jane for her new play, BBC Radio 4 continues The Forsytes again, starting tomorrow at 2.30pm and continuing all next week. Full details can be found on the BBC Radio 4 website

Over the next two years, BBC Radio 4 is broadcasting a new dramatisation of all nine books in John Galsworthy's The Forsyte Saga. An epic tale of sex, money and power in the lives of an upper middle-class family in London, it spans 50 years from 1886 to 1936.

The Forsytes Continues is the 2nd of 4 series of The Forsyte Saga, which follows the life of young Fleur Forsyte. Soames Forsyte would do anything for his sparkling daughter, now 19 and thoroughly spoiled by her doting father, Fleur is relishing everything the 1920s has to offer. But when she begins to fall in love with the wrong man, how can he stop history repeating itself?

Still insulated from reality by their wealth and class, the Forsytes and their kind can no longer ignore the threat of social change.