Grid Legends has released video interviews with the characters involved, including Joseph Millson as Ryan McKane. 

Ryan McKane
Age: 55
Position within GRID: Manager of Ravenwest Motorsport
Nationality: USA

The team owner of the infamous Ravenwest Motorsport, Ryan McKane is continuing a legacy that he’s been hell-bent on creating since childhood. An on-track incident that took the life of Ryan’s father, Kyle, has always lit a fire under Ryan to succeed in the world of motorsport – by any means necessary.

Ryan was a formidable driver in his own right, overcoming a tough upbringing and no financial backing by earning his stripes in the ever-combative touring car disciplines, before rising to the top of the GRID World Series. Ryan’s talent and grit helped establish not just himself as a legend, but also Ravenwest Motorsport.

Acting as a mentor – though also a rival – to nephew Nathan McKane towards the end of his career, Ryan then retired from racing and immediately took the helm at Ravenwest. Whilst there has always been animosity and tension in the McKane family, Ravenwest – and its relentless World Series success – is what keeps them together.

Now with Ryan in charge, the team are more dominant than ever thanks to huge cashflow, top drivers, and that McKane ‘win at all costs’ approach. For some drivers, racing for Ravenwest is the goal. For others, it’s all about knocking them off their perch.