It is press night for Henry V this evening at the Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre in Chester, with Joseph in the lead role. Earlier today, The Borrowers had their press 'night', with Joseph Millson as Oliver Overmantle. A couple of reviews have been sneaked online early, but both plays as well as Twelfth Night are running until August 25th. Tickets via this link.

Henry V: Lead actor Joseph Millson skilfully brings out the ambiguity of Henry’s character - is he an heroic leader to be followed with blind loyalty or a power hungry despot willing to slaughter children in his quest for glory? Millson’s Henry is less bombastic and more subtle and quietly spoken than many portrayals of the role and his performance is perhaps most effective in his more measured but still inspirational delivery of the St Crispin’s Day speech and especially in his delightful wooing of the beautiful French princess Katherine, a process no doubt helped by the fact the character was played with irresistible winsome charm by Millson’s wife Sarah-Jane Potts. Cheshire Live

The Borrowers: Chris Wright and Lisa Howard are joyous as Arietty’s parents Pod and Homily while strong support comes from Joseph Millson as the alcoholic Oliver Overmantle and Sarah-Jane Potts as his unexpected beau-to-be Ronnie Rainpipe. Reviews Hub