Joseph Millson Interview Questions

If anyone was missed, I am sorry. Contact me on Twitter or below and I will recify that! Here are Joseph's answers to all your burning questions.

"So, I am currently playing the lead role in a film for October Films. It’s their first fully scripted drama. They specialise in true stories and this is a horrible true story of a very tricky serial killer in the USA. I’m not allowed to mention names or even title of project yet (this keeps changing anyway). It will probably be screened in the US first as a two or even three part TV movie but then in the rest of the world will be distributed as a feature film.Will let you know the minute i know it’s title. It’s an incredibly fast and furious shoot, in Norfolk and Spain but really really good people behind the camera and in front. Just wonderful to be working with the Mrs again. Sarah Jane was actually cast in this before me and she is brilliant. We have a lot of scenes together. Luc and Eddi go west!

Later in the year I will be appearing in a new play at Hampstead theatre. Hopefully with a west end run after that. This should get it’s little press release soon but it’s a comedy and I can’t wait."

How do you find managing your time between LA and UK. Have any of the recent jobs come about because you were in LA, or did it not matter where you were located?

Ultimately it doesn’t matter where you are located. LA is a slippery fish. We had family reasons for being there as well as professional, but are as of this month very much UK based again.

Has any job in particular raised your profile within the industry more than others? Has any job (or jobs) in particular resonated more with fans?

Profile wise I am kind of in an odd position to judge. It’s hard to know which things are seen by which people. Banished certainly seems to have sparkled more than anything in recent memory. I always love meeting Campus fans though!

Given how much that laydeeees loved Major Ross, can you agree with the likes of Kit Harrington, who say that being a heartthrob is demeaning, and that ‘your art’ is being put aside for your sex appeal (his words)?

All I can say is poor poor Kit. Must be awful. hahaha. I’m sure I don’t encounter the kind of fan attention he does so don’t know what that is like,but as with all life it really couldn’t matter less what other people think. I seek the respect of my peers in the industry , that would always be available to young Kit if he earns it.

Is Matthew Macfadyen still your man crush?

Yep Macfadyen still a strong man crush!

Did you enjoy filming The Last Kingdom? Do you have any scenes with David Dawson?

LOVED filming Last Kingdom. No scenes with Dawson yet but hopefully maybe down the road. I think he is an utterly brilliant actor. I believe I will be back for more if there is a series two of that one!

Could you horsehide before?

Yes, could already ride a horse but loved having a couple of brush up lessons in Budapest.

Favourite place in the US?


Favourite quote from a play?

“More Life.” Angels in America by Tony Kushner

Favourite quote from a film?

“No, no, not othello!” The Dresser

Favourite Major Ross quote?

“Can we eat the dead?”



Having performed various Shakespearean roles, which role was the most challenging, yet enjoyable one for you?

Well, most challenging was Macbeth but most enjoyable was Hamlet. Hamlet was both at once every night, challenging AND enjoyable. Sometimes Macbeth was just challenging. haha

Did you have an input of how the character of Major Ross would develop in the series one when given the role?

No, only by means of interpretation. Jimmy McGovern had it all mapped out script wise.


Flip / Lisa

We've been waiting a wee while for the release of his first season of Peak Practice, what does he remember about recording the series? Favourite moment? Worst moment? Ben moment?

Fave Peakies memory is a blur of happy but freezing location shoots in the Derbyshire countryside. I fell in love with it. Worst might have been getting some kind of version of weil's disease from shooting underwater in a stagnant pond.

Next year, it'll be 10 years since the Complete Works Festival at Stratford, if he was asked back by the RSC which role would he like to play - that he hasn't already, or to do again?

10 years!!! Blimey. Well, I would love to go back to the RSC. There are loads of roles I’d love a crack at. Iago, Leontes, Petruchio, Corialanus, the list is endless.

Having acted at both the RSC and The Globe and done the outside performance of Hamlet, what are the differences/challenges of the different acting arenas and does he have a preference?

Acting under the clouds or stars in open air is always special and does feel kind of ‘right’ with Shakespeare. Hard to explain why, it might just be because I like fresh air and can’t stand air conditioning.

His time on the SJA's was sadly cut short, if the family had returned what would he have liked to see happen? As someone who still misses Lis Sladen everyday, if he has any memories or anecdotes he could share I would love to hear them.

I miss the SJA family too. I’d have loved to have seen Maria’s mum and Dad forced to adventure together. Maybe Alan and Sarah Jane becoming close?? Liz was just lovely and I just remember her as someone I was always thrilled to see in the morning. Bright and excited about the day ahead. A true professional too though. Cared deeply about getting things right. I remember lots of laughs when I had to squeeze myself in next to her in that tiny car.

Campus. One season. B&@?#*d TV commissioners! What would have been next for Matt if S2 had gone ahead? Most surreal moment of filming? scene or person that made him laugh the most?

Anything could have been ahead for Matt, except success. Filming was only ever surreal. Impossible to pick a most surreal really. Andy Nyman and I laughed on set until our sides ached.

Quick questions, pick one.

Would like to do next: Sondheim or Shakespeare? Sondheim

If asked to appear in: Doctor Who or Game of Thrones? Game of Thrones, but I love Doctor Who too

Now that he has the expertise in the family, is writing or directing something he'd like to have a go at?

I’ve had a little go at both. Directing theatre in the future a definite yes. Maybe not film. Writing? Watch this space.

Banished has obviously been quite the social media hit even if BBC 2 would like to ignore it! Is he surprised that Major Ross has acquired such a following? Who is his favourite character? Worst/best things about filming in Australia?

Ross was a brilliantly written original creation from Jimmy M with a teeny sniff from Joseph M. I read the part and thought, I’d like to watch him, what a great baddie!

I loved Timmins best.

Australia shoot had no minuses except distance from family.

Does he still have that '...little bit Clooney' mug?

Yes, the mug is still in action.


Faith Max

What was his favourite role to play apart from MR ? Any future projects he's particularly excited about ? How do you feel about your blond hair?

Actually loving the blonde hair! Other things answered above


Nicola Sadler

What was your favourite line you had to say in Banished, the one which most made you laugh? How does you feel about the response you have evoked in the women, did you expect to be so attractive to so many women?

Loved ALL His lines. Seriously, but especially his deadpan dismissals of lesser beings. And, yes, Very surprised. Very flattered.


Marilyn Hughes

Loved you in banished. Are you going to be in anything else soon?

Answered above. :)


Emma Grafton

Banished is great, Major Ross has grown on me, from dislike to now I'm finding him very attractive. The conversation where Major Ross suggests Cannibalism was very amusing. People are rattling on about Poldark at the moment, do you think the timing was bad for Banished being shown in the same weeks as Poldark or do you think it's a different audience? Poldark does not appeal to me, Banished was unique!

Poldark seems like a very different beast. There’s a place for everything. Oh, no, wait sorry, theres clearly not. Ha.


Chelsea White

Does ross love katherine and would he be willing to leave his fiance for her? Does he think that it is Ross' duty to be ruthless or is it his true nature?

Luckily these questions are not mine to answer. that’s the beauty of my job. The writer may have an inkling. As a viewer I feel it would not be plain sailing ahead and his nature is possibly even darker than we’ve seen!


Ross Kittens…

Did you audition first for another character?

Yes, auditioned to play the vicar first!

Did he expect so many of us having a major crush on the Major?

No!!! You’re all bonkers!

Did Major Ross volunteer for this mission or was he ordered to go there? And why wasn't he at the top of the women choosing list?

Volunteered as it was a well paid job after a tough time in america fighting. He loves his men and wanted them to be happy. He hadn’t taken a woman at all before Kitty. That’s sacrifice, eh.

Did he based his character more on the real #MajorRoss or is he basically Jimmy's idea of the man?

Based on Jimmys script totally.


Linda Bee

I would like to ask-how easy or not was it to get into the cold, clipped persona of Maj. Ross? What do you think of him?

Easy after I got a great note from Jimmy McGovern in a phone call from australia to uk. He said Ross see’s 90% of people around him as disgusting and the other 10 percent ar his inferiors. I’m misquoting but it was along those lines. I then found it easy to play but it was a great task resisting being too big, staying subtle whilst relishing it.

Did you know #Banished would be loved as much as we love it?

I hoped it would.

What is the best character you have portrayed?

Oh lordy, impossible to answer. I have been SO lucky. Endless list of dream roles. Shoot me now.



MR seems to display a softer side with Kitty but that hasn't affected his duty as a soldier. Would we have seen some conflict in S2?

Lots of conflict I’m sure had we done a season 2.

Did his interest in Kitty intensify bc he believes she's innocent of her crime & therefore not like the other convicts?

Yes, that seems right. She went from whore to princess.



Does he prefer film/television work or theatre?

Love it ALL.

Does he have any British theatre work in the pipeline?

See above


Naomi Darby

Now that he's blonde is he really having more fun ??

I kind of am actually!

What does Joseph and rest of cast think of all the twitter support for #Banished - were they shocked with huge support?

SO moved and pleased with the love and support. Truly.


Kate Church

Why does he think they haven't renewed a 2nd series when fandom high and so much more to be told?

It is a mystery. Possibly actually costs and scheduling is at the heart of it all.


Debi Evans

Is Major Ross really a skateboard boss?? 

He is, he actually is.


Sarah Marilyn

Hi Joseph what's your all time favourite film?

It changes week to week. Favourite new film is Whiplash. I love The Dresser, The Entertainer, and Kinky Boots.


Carolyn Birch

Enjoyed Banished very much and hoping for series 2. Why have you had your locks dyed peroxide blonde? Have you ever been blonde before?

Hair dyed to play this real person in the film I’m shooting. (it’s meant to look home dyed by the way)


Lady Carrie

In Banished, what was your real hair or was it all a wig?



Tamsin Betty

Did Joseph know much about the historical figure of Major Ross before taking on the role in Banished?

A bit. Read a book or two. Knew him in Our Countries - good play.



Gidday did you base your Ct Ross on someone you know or depict him from history? You nailed it.

See above. Thank you.


Catherine French

Did Joseph do much research on the real Major Ross? Did you enjoy playing this part more than other roles? As he's a complex character? At the end of ep 7 Katherine looked very stressed in Major Ross company, do u think he can redeem himself? Does Joseph think Maj Ross would have ever achieved his plan to feed the dead to the convicts?

See above for most answers. and, yes! They’d have had a good old chew eventually.


Jennifer Drake

Are u surprised MajorRoss has become such a fan favorite (ie #RossKittens)? Did u expect more would loathe him?

I knew anyone with taste would enjoy old Rosspants.


Susan Sage

The turn/count/shoot scene was amazing how long did it take to get it so perfect and engaging?

A long three day shoot just for that scene. Thank you.