The Guardian has shared a second, wonderful review of Macbeth from Susannah Clapp, while The Independent's Kate Bassett also posted her brilliant review. 

Joseph Millson, easily commanding with his mellifluous voice, is mellow-toned but – watch the amount he paces around the stage – always on the brink. When things start to go wrong, you see the couple being driven apart, as couples are by unhappiness. Macbeth grabs his wife by the throat. The Guardian

Against the backdrop of a white stockade, Joseph Millson’s Macbeth and Samantha Spiro’s Lady Macbeth seem unusually innocent at first. Returning from the battlefield with a leather satchel slung over his jerkin, Millson’s tall, slim Macbeth (with an English accent) looks timid and youthful...

...In shunning obvious Gothic malignity, the production is mildly refreshing. Millson excels at combining clear logic and frenzied anxiety in his vacillating soliloquies. The Independent