The first couple of reviews follwing tonight's Macbeth press night at The Globe have appeared online. 4 stars and a faboulous review from The Telegraph.

...miraculously, the play worked its dark incantatory spell. The chief reason for this was the superb fresh-minted performances of Joseph Millson and Samantha Spiro as the Macbeths. Joseph Millson’s Thane is a big hunk of handsome beefcake, while his wife is short and plump and clearly has the upper hand in a relationship that is both loving and sexually fulfilled – at least at first...

Both Spiro and Millson are superb at catching the jumpy tension of the murder, and then showing how the balance of power shifts from Lady Macbeth (who cracks up under the strain) and Macbeth (who learns that the more you kill, the less you feel). There’s an astonishing moment when he actually puts his hands round his wife’s neck and seems on the point of killing her, along with all his other victims. And he beautifully captures the poetry of the last act, in which he recognises he has rendered his own existence meaningless in some of the most desolate and beautiful language that even Shakespeare ever wrote.

The Guardian awarded 3 stars. 

...when he stood on the forestage and delivered the "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" speech with rapt quietness that I felt this was a Macbeth with a rich interior life.