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Dr Sam Morgan’s wedding-day happiness is short lived……………

Hankies at the ready this week; when dishy doctor Sam Morgan marries his fiancée Kerri Davidson. Still recovering from the crash that nearly killed her, Kerri summons every ounce of strength to walk down the aisle unaided and exchange vows with the man she loves.

From here on in, it should be happy ever after….But as the champagne starts to flow, the newlyweds’ future happiness is dealt a bitter blow, when Sam is accused of stealing thousands of pounds from The Beeches medical practice. Could we be witnessing the shortest marriage in TV history?

‘Sam’s money problems have spiralled out of control,’ says actor Joseph Milson, who plays him. ‘He is guilty of taking the money - about £20,000 - but he fooled himself into thinking he could sort it out after the wedding, before anyone noticed it was gone.’

Sam’s financial troubles began a couple of months back, after the horrendous accident which left Kerri fighting for her life.

‘Sam felt so guilty because he was the one driving, and they were arguing at the time,’ says Joseph. ‘He wanted to make it up to Kerri so he overcompensated by moving them into a huge house and hiring costly private physio - none of which he could afford. He started doing evening work at another surgery to try to make ends meet, then got a loan to invest in a new wonder drug for asthma, but that went belly up. Suddenly, he was broke, crippled with debt and desperate.’

Fans will see a new side to Sam once his deceit has been rumbled. ‘He shows his aggressive streak for the first time,’ says Joseph. ‘Until now, he’s been Mr Trustworthy - a bit too good to be true, but his personality changes as his life begins to fall apart.’

It’s Sam’s colleague, Dr Will Preston, who confronts him about the theft.

‘Kerri is absolutely horrified and Sam leaves, saying he'll see her at the airport, where they’re due to fly off on their honeymoon,’ reveals Joseph. But the question is, will she show up?

The dramatic storyline marks Joseph’s exit from Peak Practice, after two years. ‘They were keen for me to stay but I’m only 26 and I felt it was too soon in my career to be in one show for a long time,’ he explains. ‘It was a wrench to leave though. I had a wonderful; farewell party and, to my surprise, I cried. I didn’t think I would but people said so many nice things. I couldn’t help myself!’

Next on the agenda is a theatre production called Shared Experiences, which, after a run in the west end, will be taken on tour. America and China are just two of the countries Joseph is looking forward to visiting with the play.

‘It’s going to be fantastic because I’m not very well travelled at all,’ says Joseph, who’s married to actress Caroline Fitzgerald. ‘I’ve only been abroad three times, on holiday, so I can’t wait.’

What's on TV, January 2001