The RSC has shared a new video on You Tube of Joseph explaining the (complicated) plot and background to The Rover, currently receiving incredible reviews. The Rover runs until February 2017, so plenty of time to get your ticket, though The Telegraph suggests that you should see the 'rugged Joseph Millson' this week.

Most irresistible of all is Joseph Millson in the title role as Willmore, who just can’t keep his rapier in his scabbard, in any sense. When he’s not swashbuckling all over the place he’s chasing Angellica, Hellena or frankly anyone who ventures within hailing distance. He also engages in the finest comic-drunk acting I’ve seen in an age, and keeps inserting extra lines to the extent that on press night he nearly corpsed Gilbreath mid-fury. This is all part of the fun. Ingram plays up the carnival atmosphere to emphasise both the misrule and the sexiness. A live band pounds out Latin numbers and at one point what sounded like the 1980s dance tune “Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag”. None of it downplays either the wit or the intellectual audacity of Behn, the first Englishwoman to earn a living as a writer. Financial Times

All the actors and musicians in the large company contribute significantly and with great aplomb to an event that is both merry and thought-provoking. Patrick Robinson’s bluff, good Belvile is a moral centre for the proceedings. Joseph Millson, energetic, rakish, Errol Flynn-like is the captivating, irritating Willmore. Faye Castelow’s Hellena is a suitable foil for him as the reluctant nun; and Millson and Castelow manage to conjure echoes of Beatrice and Benedick in their sparring, wooing and wedding. Plays To See