With the press release of Joseph Millson's directorial feature debut with Signs Of Life announced in the last week, and War Blade being released - with Joseph Millson in the lead role - it is fabulous having some lovely interviews with Joseph to enjoy.

Joseph Millson, an actor known for his roles in Angel Has Fallen, Casino Royale and I Give It A Year, is set to make his directorial debut with Signs Of Life, a third part in a trilogy of films. The two previous films, The Magician and Care and both were produced by Millson and his wife Sarah-Jane Potts under their production company MillPotts Productions. Talk about relationship goals! Unlike The Magician and Care, which were both shorts, Signs Of Life will be a feature film. “The lead characters from Care and The Magician were the inspiration for the protagonists in Signs Of Life,” Millson said in a press release. “I felt there was still a lot to be said about the current epidemic of heartache and depression, the sheer beauty of life and how these opposites collide. I was inspired to write a feature film that would follow a few days in the future life of the lead character from The Magician, who had been deeply affected by an act of kindness from a stranger. I wanted to see her going forward and passing on an act of kindness of her own. I’m interested in the unexploded bombs of grief and how helping others can help ourselves.”

First up a podcast interview with Mark and Me, which can be accessed via the embed below. 

Secondly, a recent interview with Joseph for BBC Radio Kent can be heard again on the BBC Sounds website.

Lastly, Joseph and Sarah-Jane Potts promote a masterclass to be held on 23rd March 2024. Details explained more fully in the interview.