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The ensemble performances are fine throughout but I particularly liked Joseph Millson's earnest, heart warming Don Carlos"

Curtain Up   Lizzie Loverage Feb 2005

"The play boasts a clutch of agreeably silly portrayals. Joseph Millson as the hunk Don Carlos, for example, smoulders and bellows like the love child of Antonio Banderas and Ian Paisley"

Theatre Things  Ian Shuttleworth  Feb 2005

"House of Desires is a joy throughout its two-and-a-half-hour duration. Miss Meckler is at her very best and it seems almost unfair to pick out Joseph Millson, Claire Cox, Katherine Kelly and Simon Trinder, who in their various ways ensure that this comic romance of reputation and revenge is, like Doña Leonor, "of consummate perfection"."

British Theatre Guide  by Phillip Fisher 2005

"I would especially mention the physical attractions of my hunk of the moment Joseph Millson."

London Theatre Polly Wittenberg Feb 2005

I particularly like Joseph Millson's Don Carlos; his aristocratic certainty, second only to his aristocratic looks and bearing, is constantly undermined by his hilarious mental contortions convincing himself that his lover is really totally pure and faithful (which of course she is but he doesn't know it.)

Reviews Gate by Rod Dungate July 2004

And then there is Carlos (Joseph Millson), the man everyone loves to love. His diamante-studded collar, luxuriant ponytail and noble profile are a splendid sight, perfectly offset by his resplendent voice and extreme stupidity.

The Observer Kate Kellaway 2004

There isn’t a weak performance but I especially liked Joseph Millson as Don Carlos (who pairs up to similarly brilliant comic effect with Trinder in The Dog in the Manger)

Pete Wood WOS

...a fine ensemble, in which Joseph Millson's Carlos erupts with volcanic passion...

The Guardian  Michael Billington