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Below are links to various interviews with Joseph over the years.

Signs Of Life: Big Apple Film Festival Award Win 15/05/2024
Happy 50th Birthday, Joseph Millson! 27/04/2024
Signs Of Life: now in post production 05/04/2024
Signs Of Life: Joseph Millson interviews 06/02/2024
War Blade: released today in UK 15/01/2024
Signs of Life: new interview with Joseph Millson 23/09/2023
Grid Legends: character interviews 25/01/2022
Care: BBC Three Counties Radio interview 16/01/2022
Work and Other Four Letter Words: new promotional interviews 12/02/2021
Work and Other Four Letter Words: BBC Berkshire interview & launch invitation 25/01/2021
To Be Or Not To Be: Lockdown Shakespeare podcast episode 2 30/09/2020
To Be Or Not To Be: Lockdown Shakespeare podcast 08/09/2020
Interviews with Joseph Millson 04/09/2020
The Last Kingdom: interview with The Screen Chronicles 04/05/2020
Joseph Millson – Virtually Yours free Tuesday 28th April at 6pm 20/04/2020
Dragonheart Vengeance: behind the scenes video interview 21/02/2020
Henry V: interview for Storyhouse 14/07/2019
Keith?: listen again to Joseph's Talk Radio interview 03/02/2019
The Actors Centre: Joseph Millson chats about Open Courses 02/06/2018
New video from The Actors Centre 16/05/2018
Apologia: press night after party photos 04/08/2017
Joseph Millson chats Banished, The Last Kingdom and Apologia 02/08/2017
Apologia: new promo video ahead of opening tonight 30/07/2017
The Portrait Of A Lady: preview clip and new interview 28/07/2017
Apologia: new interview with Joseph Millson by Mark Shenton 28/07/2017
Apologia: cast guess quotes from Stockard Channing 26/07/2017
Apologia: new interview with Joseph for London Theatre 21/07/2017
Apologia: cast promotional video 12/07/2017
Joseph Millson confusing people at MCM 2015 03/07/2017
The Rover: Joseph Millson's path to Shakespeare 18/11/2016
Straight Shot: indie film with Joseph needs funding 04/11/2016
Three new video interviews with Joseph from The Actors Centre 21/10/2016
Indira Varma and Joseph Millson join the Actors Centre as new Patrons 19/10/2016
The Rover: new synopsis by the finest comic-drunk actor 24/09/2016
Joseph Millson Bursary 2016 01/08/2016
Joseph Millson interview on screen auditions 08/07/2016
The Actors Centre self taping video 26/05/2016
Wireless: MCM Comic Con panel online 20/02/2016
The Dead 2: DVD release by Bounty Films in Australia this week 17/02/2016
Joseph Millson website interview - the Major Ross edition 09/05/2015
Photo Finish & Wireless video interview 06/05/2015
Banished: any questions for Major Ross aka Joseph Millson? 01/05/2015
Banished: now on UK iTunes with BTS interviews 17/03/2015
Banished: BBC media pack and cast interviews 14/02/2015
The Dead 2: new interview with Rama's Screen 17/09/2014
Key Chain Productions Vlog 27/12/2013
The Dead 2 India: Britflick podcast interview 11/10/2013
The New Empress Magazine video interviews 10/10/2013
Macbeth: podcast interview for Theatre Voice 08/10/2013
Macbeth: What's On Stage interview 02/10/2013
The Dead 2 India: Zombie Hamster video interview 19/09/2013
The Dead 2 India: Guerrilla film making lowdown 15/09/2013
The Dead 2 India: FrightFest interview for Clout 08/09/2013
The Dead 2 India: FrightFest Premiere Scene interview 25/08/2013
The Dead 2 India: FrightFest interviews 25/08/2013
The Dead 2 India: as far from being a method actor as you can get... 20/08/2013
The Dead 2 India: Haunted Magazine article & interview 11/08/2013
BBC Three Counties Radio interview 11/08/2013
The Dead 2 India: Shock Till You Drop interviews 03/08/2013
New interview for Muckmouth 12/07/2013
Repercussion: video interview for TenSixtyEight 26/05/2013
The Real George Orwell: Joseph interview & Guardian preview 03/02/2013
Joseph leaves Holby City - Digital Spy interview 09/01/2013
Holby City: Lorraine interview online 09/01/2013
Holby City: interview for Holby TV 18/09/2012
Holby City: Inside Soap interview 12/09/2012
Holby City: What's On TV interview 29/05/2012
All New People 11/05/2012
WOS Awards 2011 Acceptance Speeches 20/02/2012
Love Never Dies: opening night video 15/02/2012
SMTV Chums - January 2000 15/02/2012
This Morning interview 17th January 2012 19/01/2012
Holby City: Radio Times interview 07/12/2011
Holby City: M Visa Awards interview 29/11/2011
Holby City: TV Choice interview 01/11/2011
Love Never Dies before the opening 31/07/2011
Sarah Jane Adventures: Q & A signing 2008 31/07/2011
Rocket to the Moon cast interviews 31/07/2011
Love Never Dies: at the stage door 31/07/2011
Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion 2009 30/07/2011
Peak Practice interview on GMTV 30/07/2011
Rocket to the Moon: interview on Radio 3 Twenty Minutes 17/05/2011
Sunday Times Culture Magazine 'My Must Sees' 15/05/2011
Campus: interview 26/04/2011
Campus: episode 2 tonight 10pm Ch 4 & Frank-n-Furter?! 13/04/2011
Campus: episode 1 tonight 10pm Channel 4 05/04/2011
Whats's On Stage Awards: interview & video clips 21/02/2011
Whats's On Stage Awards: photos & speech 21/02/2011
Judgment Day: BBC interview 2009 14/02/2011
Reunited: GMTV interview - watch again 30/06/2010
BBC interview with Joseph 01/04/2010
Love Never Dies: Guardian interview 04/03/2010
Love Never Dies: more from the rehearsal room 03/02/2010
The Priory: WOS video interview 09/12/2009
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour: Times interview 05/01/2009
Tenth Planet signing: podcast 16/12/2008
Sarah Jane Adventures: Joseph interview 16/10/2008
Hamlet: Radio 4 interview and audio clips 29/06/2008
Hamlet: audio interview 27/06/2008
Hamlet: opening night interview 27/06/2008
See Joseph as Hamlet 17/05/2008
Website Interview April 08 29/04/2008
Stand Up For Shakespeare 04/03/2008
Cinderella interview Dec 2007 29/01/2008
Exclusive Website Interview : Part 2 Jan 2007 29/01/2008
Exclusive Website Interview : Part 1 Jan 2007 29/01/2008
Much Ado About Nothing interview Oct 2006 29/01/2008
Much Ado About Nothing interview June 2006 29/01/2008
Dog In A Manger (RSC) interview Oct 2004 29/01/2008
Dog In a Manger (RSC) interview Sept 2004 29/01/2008
Dog In a Manger (RSC) interview July 2004 29/01/2008
Dog In A Manger (RSC) interview May 2004 29/01/2008
Mill On The Floss interview March 2001 29/01/2008
Peak Practice interview (for better and worse) Jan 2001 29/01/2008
Hello interview January 2001 29/01/2008
Peak Practice article / interview December 2000 29/01/2008
Monogamy interview Joseph & Caroline March 2000 29/01/2008
Peak Practice interview (I'm a bit of a bumpkin) Feb 2000 29/01/2008
Celebrity Money: interview Feb 2000 29/01/2008
Peak Practice / Monogamy interview Oct 1999 29/01/2008
Peak Practice Daily Mirror interview September 1999 29/01/2008
Peak Practice: Inside Soap interview Sept 99 01/01/2008