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Vicki Johnston

Hi Joseph,
We are currently studying Macbeth with our Year 8 students and using some of your clips to help us understand different interpretations. Truly fantastic :) I'm reminded how very kind and helpful you were coming into your daughter's school to support the year 10s. I wondered if you would be able to give Tring students a personal message to help engage them in Shakespeare or even a guest appearance if you are in the area? Cheeky, I know, but if you don't ask...
Very best wishes to you and yours,
Vicki Johnston


Just a quick message to say that I don't often read these so forgive the non replies. This site isn't run by me, (I would never be able to do anything so clever), it is run by the wonderful 'darcylicious'. But thanks for all kind comments. Great to hear from you Stuart. Hollyanna, sadly no series two as I know of. and, yep, thanks everyone else. Have fun. Joe. xx


Dear Major Ross Could you make a dream come true and get a part in the next Banished? Like I said on twitter, all I want to say "Yes Boss" in my best Cornish accent. 
In return I will give you a great big hug!  Any chance you can make this happen for me please? I'll look forward to your reply. 
Love from a massive fan, Hollyanna x


Hi Joseph,
My husband and I loved Banished and did not want it to end, we thought that your performance was brillant along with the rest of the talented cast. As much as the series could be honest and at times brutal we also found humour as well in certain parts! Of course there must be another series there are to many questions not answered and it has far to much ahead of it to stop now!
May we wish you all the best in your future acting career expecially in the Theatre world.

Cheryl Scribens

Hi Joseph,  just wanted to say how much I loved the heartbreakingly beautiful Banished (even if you were a complete git in it!!) and I'm hoping there will be more.  The final episode had me in floods of tears and I don't think I will forgive you for hanging Tommy Barrett - I'm holding you personally responsible for that and the puffy red eyes and bright red nose I woke up with this morning from all the crying!!!!


ifrom iran ilike mr Joseph millson plz you have any page in face book?
joseph I love you very much 

stuart pearson

Dear Joseph, i hope you remember me? so so pleased that you have had such a wonderfull journey since i worked with you last on 'the lifted veil'. I hope to get to see and even more to talk to you at some point as i have been very out of touch since i left theatre behind in 2006. but i am now living in Bristol and hope to get down to London asap. just to blow my own trumpet i have just written a one act play, a ghost story set in a graveyard's chapel here in Bristol which i hope i can persuade them to let me perform at xmas.... prob perform it myself but be looking for an understudy my dear lovely man so if the work dries up....... my mum still goes on about you and i think of you with really lovely memories.And what a great voice you had which i was not expecting....sorry i meant i did not know about it.... im often popping 'Love Never Dies' cd on and having a good sing along as Christine! god i would have been great opposite you in that show.... perhaps not as beautifull but with clever lighting..... take care Joseph and keep happy and well. Stuart x

David Brown

Saw an absolutely fantastic performance today of Macbeth at Shakespeare's Globe. Honestly one of the finest portrayals of Macbeth I have ever seen - great subtle actions added to the dramatic overall character. Also, thank you for allowing those of us standing to put our jackets on when it started raining - and throwing down that umbrella in the crowd!

Selma M

Brilliant performance of Macbeth today at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre!!!
Best wishes for your future work from four friends, originally coming from Bosnia, Albania and Georgia, who watched the play from the first row (one of us kissed the King's ring)!

Edgar and Edna millson

Hi joe were coming to see you wed afternoon 16 of us crammed in a minivan thunderiing up the m4.last time I saw you was at the riverside!

Driskoll Xun

Alan Jackson should join Torchwood.

Kevin Campbell

Hi Joseph ! Just wanted to ask you what it was like when you starred alongside john nettles as Jamie parks in midsomer murders - days of misrule . How was that experience ? 

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