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Genre Long running TV series


Eighth series started filming in October 2013. Episode six: Bad Romance A bloody hotel room and a stolen credit card lead Ronnie and Joe to Charles Hutton (James Wilby), a member of the wealthy upper classes who dotes on his wife Camille, and daughter Georgia (Lucy Boynton). Without a body it is difficult to ascertain the crime, but before long, Ronnie and Joe have enough evidence to suggest that Georgia gave birth in the hotel room – but where is the baby now? Georgia and her boyfriend Rufus (Greg Austin) are difficult enough for Jake and Kate to prosecute but to make matters worse the defence counsel turns out to be an old nemesis of Jake’s, Maitland Cosby (Joseph Milson). But as the evidence against the young couple stacks up, how far will Georgia’s father go to protect her future?

Joseph's role

Maitland Cosby in Bad Romance

Broadcast details

16th April 2014