The Official London Theatre website 'storyfied' Joseph's Instagram takeover from Saturday - embedded below, while a few more wonderful reviews for Joseph's performances as Simon and Peter in Apologia have been shared online yesterday. 

...the performances that impressed most were those from Laura Carmichael as an earnest Christian outsider and Joseph Millson in a dual role, playing the central character's sons... ...Millson shines, however, as the troubled Peter and the downright broken Simon, blood-stained and battered to the core. Since they're not meant to be twins, it's not exactly clear why Lloyd has chosen to cast just one actor in both parts, but Millson makes the choice work and seem like more than just a cost-cutting exercise. The Hollywood Reporter

Joseph Millson is excellent as both siblings, bringing a quiet, devastating pathos to a set-piece about the night when he was 13 and had to rely on the comfort of a stranger in Genoa after not being met from the train. The Independent

Joseph Millson is powerfully restrained as her troubled son Simon as well as his more self-assured brother Peter – a clever and effective bit of doubling up made possible by a reworking of the original text that required two actors. British Theatre

Kristin’s other boy, Simon (both brothers skilfully played by Joseph Millson) is a depressive, failed writer, unhappily shacked up with a glossy soap actress (Freema Agyeman)... Metro