As rehearsals for Apologia enter the final week before opening this Saturday 29th July at the Trafalgar Studios, more press promotion is appearing. A new interview with Joseph for The Stage has been shared online. You need to log into / register to read it in full. 

“I’m a little contentious here, I fully respect everyone else’s opinion. My opinion is that it’s always been difficult, [but] if you want it enough, it will happen.

I think it’s a very easy press story; the Harrow, actor, privilege story. I don’t think it’s as bad as it’s purported to be.

“I work in this industry consistently, and I am consistently working with working-class actors. Because it’s a good story, it’s not necessarily true.”

Millson said that while a bias may be the case among the top percentage of film actors, he did not believe it to be the case among most working actors.

He said: “I’m married to a working-class actor – Sarah-Jane Potts from Bradford – and she had to drill her way into this business. If you want it enough, it will always happen.

“There’s meritocracy eventually: if you’re good, you get seen. People want good actors.”

However, Millson agreed that there are still inequalities in the industry, particularly around gender and race, but added:

“Class-wise, I’m not convinced it’s the story we are all reading.