Are the broadsheets FINALLY coming onboard with Banished? I could never understand the initial negativity from them, since viewers clearly loved it - but at least today, the Telegraph, Digital Spy and the Guardian have tonight's episode in their highlights.

There are things not to be spoken about, which is hard on James (Russell Tovey). That’s because after he inexplicably escaped hanging for murder, his fellow prisoners are convinced he’s an informant. A nasty end beckons – again. Elsewhere, as Jimmy McGovern’s penal colony saga continues, there’s a reminder to watch where you walk in snake country, Governor Phillip worries about the shortage of supplies, and whining squaddie Buckley thinks his luck is in. Gritty, grim and moralistic drama, but compelling, too. Guardian

James Freeman (Russell Tovey) finds that his last-minute reprieve from the hangman’s noose has given him a life not worth living, as the gritty period drama continues. Not only has Freeman made a deal with his masters, but his fellow prisoners think he’s turned informant. In typical Jimmy McGovern style, it’s a tale of underdogs, with added double-dealing and dirt. Telegraph