TV Guide has shared a new photo of Joseph as Major Ross and a synopsis for episode 5 of banished, due to air on Thursday 2nd April. 

The bedraggled, starving convicts and power-crazed guards of the penal colony are all equal in the face of a common enemy: nature itself. This week that's made horribly clear when a hapless guard falls victim to an exotic predator in the bush, proving that nobody is safe in this unfamiliar terrain. Major Ross employs the services of the camp's scribe, Letters Molloy, to write a letter to the dead man’s parents informing them of his demise (with the facts rewritten to make the soldier into a glorious war hero, naturally). Meanwhile, an illicit game of cards has dramatic consequences for more than one, and Anne Meredith continues to secretly counsel the grieving Mary – but what might the convict's endgame be?