The Radio Times has had news from the BBC about the decision to cancel Banished.

BBC spokesperson told “There are no current plans for Banished to return. We are very proud of the series and hugely grateful to all those who worked so hard on it. However, in addition to all its new titles, the BBC2 drama budget only allows for a limited number of returning dramas a year which means we have to make hard choices.”

This doesn't mean the end of all hope for the show. As the Radio Times mentions, other cancelled shows have been picked up by different networks. It is always worth showing your support for Banished any way you can. The Radio Times itself has been helping show fan reaction and has created a poll - please vote! BBC Points of View has also been supportive and are looking for more angry fan videos!

There is a Twitter account for those who want to Save Banished, and a Facebook Page. The renew banished Petition now has over 400 signatures - but there are more fans than that. Sign it and spread the word. If you are on Twitter, use any hastag which works in keeping Banished alive #renewBanished #saveBanished #bringbackBanished.

If you want another series, you really can help! And, any actors reading this, who have a decent following on Twitter, please share the petition links! You KNOW it's a great show which deserves a second series.