As well as sharing this lovely photo of Joseph with Lyndsay Marshall for The Real George Orwell, Radio 4 have added broadcast dates and cast lists for their new series of The Cazalets - Marking Time. Joseph first appears as Archie in episode 4 on 21st February.

A great review for The Real George Orwell series has been posted on The Independent website. 

An honourable mention must go to Joseph Millson, who in all three of these works portrays Blair not as the demi-god his reputation has acquired, but as the bumbling, lanky son of a civil servant whose stature is a point of ridicule in the Spanish trenches and whose political credentials are mocked by those he wishes to help. Millson’s role is not to idolise or condemn Blair, but to present him as human, a refreshing stance that has long been distorted by legend.