The final book in The Cazalets series - Casting Off begins broadcast on BBC Radio 4 from Monday July 1st, daily 10.45 - 11 am. The BBC Media Centre has further details.  

'Casting Off' is the final book in The Cazalet novels by Elizabeth Jane Howard, which together give a vivid insight into the lives, hopes and loves of three generations during the Second World War and beyond. Set between the summer of 1945 and 1947, for the Cazalets the end of war brings peace but not necessarily the happiness they had imagined. With Rupert missing in France since Dunkirk, his beautiful young wife Zoe has had an affair with the American photographer Jack, who has subsequently killed himself.

Zoe has found solace in her daughter, Juliet and in Rupert's friend Archie, who is also a great source of support to her step-daughter, Clary. Should Rupert return, Archie is hoping for something more than friendship with Clary, but has kept this to himself. Meanwhile, Clary's cousin Polly has told Archie that she loves him and he has had to turn her down as gently as he can.

Louise's marriage teeters on the brink, since her husband Michael destroyed a letter sent by her lover, Hugo whilst Edward's affair with Diana continues - she's almost certainly had two of his children. Sid, however, has finished her affair with her student, Thelma, hoping to bring Rachel back into her life again. But the best laid plans are wont to be sabotaged.