Details of two awards won by The Chameleon at the recent Sydney Indie Film Festival, have been shared by October Films, while director Jim Greayer has shared clips from the film on his website.

Nominations in 8 categories October Films takes home two more awards for The Chameleon

The Chameleon – big winner at 2016’s British Independent Film Festival and award winner at Mexico International Film Festival – has won two incredible awards at Sydney Indie Film Festival.

Sydney Indie Film Festival features some of the best of independent cinema from around the world including a mix of award winning films and outstanding emerging talent in the film industry.

Nominated in total for eight categories; best film, best director, best screenplay, best production design, best actor, best actress, best female support and best male support.

The Chameleon won in the best film and best production design categories.

Starring Sarah-Jane Potts (Gracepoint and Waterloo Road) and real life husband Joseph Millson (The Last Kingdom and Banished) The Chameleon is a twisted true story of reinvention, revelation and passion.

Set in the early 1980s, fear grips a small American town when a cunning, manipulative sociopath emerges from the shadows. Targeting young females with his irresistible charm, The Chameleon carefully covers his tracks by masking his identity with multiple disguises, while the authorities race against the clock to save a survivor who has been his captive for 12 days.

Steve Murphy, who produced The Chameleon said: “The Chameleon cast and crew are all very proud to have been selected for the Sydney Indie Film Festival 2016! Jim Greayer (director) and I are filming our next project at the moment, so are sorry not to have been able to attend in person, but send our congratulations to the organisers and other film makers on a great line up this year."

October Films Creative Director Matt Robins, together with Steve Murphy and Lindsay Shapero executive produced The Chameleon which is being distributed internationally by eOne. The Chameleon was written by Matthew Thomas and directed by Jim Greayer.

The Chameleon Clip - Pamela's Kidnap from Jim Greayer on Vimeo.

The Chameleon Clip - the Dance from Jim Greayer on Vimeo.