Details of the US broadcast for The Chameleon have been shared online, with two new preview videos, in which we see Joseph's character. 

Three-Part Miniseries Premieres Sunday, December 6 at 9/8c and 10/9c,

Finale Airs Monday, December 7 at 9/8c.

The second installment of SERIAL THRILLER journeys viewers into a world of damage, death and mystery. As body bags are filled and suspects are eliminated, SERIAL THRILLER: THE CHAMELEON follows the gripping true story of a notorious serial killer who carefully covered his tracks with multiple disguises and an irresistible charm.

  • The Chameleon: Part 1 Premieres Sunday, December 6 at 9/8c Fear grips the residents of a community when girls begin disappearing at an alarming rate. Detectives are faced with a growing body count and all evidence points to more than one man operating with the same M.O. Two years later, a young woman is held captive by a mysterious couple. Over the next 12 days, she learns about the man’s violent past and the secrets that make him so determined to mask his true identity.
  • The Chameleon: Part 2 Premieres Sunday, December 6 at 10/9c When a dental hygienist is kidnapped from her community, her unknown assailant and his female accomplice drag the young woman from motel to motel, often parading her around in public. As their drug-fueled violence begins to spin out of control, even the accomplice starts to question her involvement with the charismatic killer. As police close in on the unlikely trio, the victim battles to stay on the right side of her volatile captor, looking for a way out of the nightmare.
  • The Chameleon: Part 3 Premieres Monday, December 7 at 9/8c Holed up in a hotel, the victim and the accomplice wait for police to storm the room. When the elusive killer slips free from the police, a manhunt is launched to find him before he kills again. In one last encounter, “The Chameleon” drives across the countryside with a new god-fearing captive held at gunpoint, desperately looking for a final way out.

First Look At Serial Thriller: The Chamelon

Your first look at Serial Thriller: The Chameleon. The two night event begins in two weeks.

Posted by Investigation Discovery on Sunday, 22 November 2015