Great previews and buzz for The Dead 2: India are appearing online, in advance of the FrightFest premiere on Thursday.

The Dead 2: India Directors: Howard & Jon Ford
The Ford Brothers made waves with their African-set, low-budget zombie epic The Dead back in 2010 and they’ve returned with their India-set sequel as our hero is forced to cross the undead-ridden country. Expect them to deliver more than you would think possible on a low budget. SciFiNow

This film is one of the most anticipated at this year’s FrightFest and it’s easy to see why. It’s got action, drama, tears and zombies — winning combination if you ask HI! Hi Magazie

Some lovely words about Joseph's performance in The Dead 2: India have been spoken by  FrightFest director Alan Jones in a video interview for New Empress.