Some lovely photos of The Dead 2: India team, at Thursday's FrightFest premiere, have been uploaded to Julie Edwards Photography, and are even available to buy! 

While a few reviews for the film, which have appeared online, have been mixed, quite a number have enjoyed Joseph's performance, including Screen Daily.

Dark, raw and visually stunning, the Ford Brothers’ latest feature is every bit as powerful as its predecessor. Daily Dead

The story this time revolves around an American electrical engineer, Nicholas (played to perfection by Joseph Millson) who finds himself stranded miles from anywhere when outbreak of the undead strikes. BritFlicks

The Ford Brothers are not covering new ground with this film, although it has to be said the ground they do cover is strikingly photographed. The wind farm sequence when Nicholas (Joseph Millson, the convincingly compassionate action-hero) looks down on a slow-motion zombie attack, a nightmarish motorbike ride through the dark wilderness and a field of freshly dug graves being notable visual highlights. Flea Pits and Picture Palaces

For the most part, the performances are really strong too. Millson doesn't have much more to do than react to things happening around him, but the pain of not being able to see his pregnant girlfriend (which is helped by some forced backstory) comes across in every one of his actions. Flickering Myth

A very charismatic and watchable Joseph Millson (Casino Royale, Holby City) is Nicholas, an American engineer installing wind farms in India. Live for Films

Here, the Ford Brothers expand upon the idea of a love story/familial ties beyond a rumpled family photograph as seen in the original and have delivered a more charismatic leading man in the form of Millson... Screen Jabber.