CraveOnline have shared a great review for The Dead 2: India, recently screened at SCreamfest 2013.

The Dead 2: India is the Gravity of Indian zombie movies. Wait, is that going to get old? So I never saw The Dead but despite its flaws, The Dead 2: India is so ballsy I definitely want to see the Ford brothers previous film. That’s one of the joys of film festivals, seeing a movie you love and doing some homework to see the filmmakers’ previous films. And this one is a sequel so Franchise Fred has to do his homework!

A completely separate story, The Dead 2: India stars Joseph Millson as Nicholas, a turbine engineer working in the country, whose pregnant girlfriend is at home in Mumbai with a disapproving father who wants to marry her off. When the zombie outbreak hits India, Nicholas has to get to Mumbai before he gets them all to safety. Nicholas’ trek through zombified India has as many natural or human perils as zombie perils. Okay, it’s mostly zombie perils but there are some natural and human perils too so I liked that. Like a disaster movie, Nicholas’s journey is one crisis after another, and he makes some ballsy decisions in a crisis.

Some ambitious action includes a paraglider soaring above a zombie horde, so that alone is worth seeing. Cinematographer Jonathan Ford gets some sweeping shots of zombies spread out across the land, but you can still tell it’s a lot of zombies. The zombie makeup looks pretty fake on Indian actors, but they are relentless and messy. I’m sure shooting in the less urban areas of India was difficult, and it shows, but the ambitious effort is also appreciated to present a zombie movie that stands out from the usual.