At the recent Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival in Bruge, The Dead 2: India won the audience award. Keep an eye out for news of a US distribution deal for the film.


Some lovely words about Joseph's performance in the film have been shared by one of the producers on this website.

Joseph (Joe) is a truly brilliant actor. In fact the script was written by Howard and Jon with Joe in mind although he didn’t know it! He had worked with them several years before and quite by chance they re-connected prior to the script being written. Joe really is a top actor, he had parts in massive films like Casino Royale and is also a very well known actor on British TV. As well as this he has done top level theatre productions which I think is a major mark of a great actor. He really is a nice guy as well and a lot of his takes were first time which is testament to his ability especially in such tough pressured conditions. When you see the film you can see he really drives the movie along and he delivers nothing short of an awesome performance I have to say! A lot of people who have seen the film have commented how strong he is as a lead and audiences have really engaged to his performance!