Another interesting interview with The Ford Brothers for Sky Movies can be found here. As with other interviews about the film, fascinating tales from filming in India have been shared.

Despite limited resources, The Dead 2: India is a larger production than the first instalment. A helicopter shot of lead Joe Millson hanging off a massive wind turbine is breathtaking, and signals a leap forward in the Fords’ ambition.

“We were able to do some aerial photography on this film,” Jon explains, “which allowed us to raise the bar and add new elements. We planned aerial shots for the first Dead but most of the money went on bribery and corruption.

When it comes to Millson, an old friend of the brothers, both Howard and Jon have nothing but praise.

“Joe’s afraid of heights, but when he got in character he adapted himself to overcome his fears. He claims he’s not a method actor, but off he went up that turbine. And the same with the paraglide escape when the zombies breach the building he’s in. Joe strapped it on, the chute caught the wind and it was only when he was standing on a roof and turned on the motor did he ask how he would stop it. It was a bit crazy. Joe did have a stunt guy, but a lot of it he did himself.”

But even Millson asked if there were certain acts his character was going to perform as written in the script. The hero of The Dead 2 does things heroes don’t usually do, including that harrowing moment at the railtrack with a mother, young child and an advancing zombie army. Did they have debates about these moments?

“Absolutely,” Howard says, “But, we had to put conundrum scenes in there and force Joe’s character to make impossible decisions in an unwinnable situation.”