The FrightFest website has added a page for The Dead 2 on its website, and has also posted lovely words about Joseph's performance. 

The world premieres include our opening night attraction THE DEAD 2: INDIA from the Ford Brothers featuring a stand-out performance from British actor Joseph Millson.

The reviews for Macbeth continue to trickle in, mostly very positive now, but some not enjoying the comedy element. Again planty of lovely comments about Joseph's performance.

Millson, who reminds me of a younger Jeremy Irons, is an introspective, self-doubting Macbeth, whose delivery of the 'brief candle' speech to the audience is beautifully judged. Both these actors speak Shakespeare's verse with exemplary clarity and force. John Morrison

Millson is a handsome, commanding protagonist and he delivers the verse with a lucid intelligence... Independent