Huddersfield Daily Examiner interview May 2004


Joseph Millson, who recently turned 30, is perhaps best known for playing Dr Sam Morgan in Peak Practice and Jason, Lynn Slater's ex-fiance in EastEnders. He's hoping to return to TV next year, but until then will be appearing in the Royal Shakespeare Company's Spanish Golden Age season in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

He and his actress wife Caroline Fitzgerald have a two-year-old daughter Jessica.

IF MONEY WAS NO OBJECT, WHERE WOULD YOU SPEND YOUR PERFECT HOLIDAY, AND WITH WHOM? "I have already been on the perfect holiday. It was during a brief period in our lives when we had money. We went on a proper, no-expense-spared holiday to Barbados. It was heaven on Earth."

HOW OFTEN DO YOU GO ON HOLIDAY, AND IS IT IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO GET AWAY? "Not very often. Once a year if we're lucky. We don't have to go to the sun. We find it difficult to get time together because our schedules conflict a lot of the time. This year we've got just one week together. We tend to go to quiet places, we're not clubbers any more. Sometimes holidays consist of one person working, while the other sits in their digs. It's nice just to be together sometimes."

WHERE DID YOU GO ON YOUR MOST RECENT HOLIDAY, AND WHERE ARE YOU GOING NEXT? "I was working in America for two or three months just before Christmas, and the family came out to stay with me in Boston. So, it's not really a holiday as such, but because we were together in America, it felt like one. This year we're going to Haverstock in Wales, which is lovely."

TELL US ABOUT YOUR BEST/WORST HOLIDAY? "The best one is the Barbados one mentioned earlier. The worst one, although I have some nice memories of it, was a jaunt to Ireland, and nothing quite tied in with what the brochure said. It rained endlessly as well. We even went surfing in the rain."

WHAT'S YOUR FIRST HOLIDAY MEMORY? "A family holiday in Devon. We used to rent a little cottage which was literally in a cliff. The road to it was unbelievable - it was so steep, you always thought you were going to die on the way down."

WHO'S YOUR DREAM TRAVEL COMPANION? "My missus. I know that's boring, but she's a very good travel companion. I maybe would like someone like Stephen Fry, who seems as if he would be great company."

WHAT CAN'T YOU TRAVEL WITHOUT? "I travel pretty light actually. As long as I've got a toothbrush, I'm happy."

DO YOU HAVE ANY TRAVEL PHOBIAS? "No. I haven't done a lot of travelling, but I've been to some strange places and I love it."

WHAT/WHO DO YOU MISS MOST WHEN YOU'RE AWAY FROM HOME? "My little girl, even if I'm away just a few days. I'm a real homebody as well, so I miss home comforts."

WHAT'S YOUR BEST EVER/WORST EVER SOUVENIR? "They're one and the same. My wife was working on the south coast in a tour of Blood Brothers. I stayed there with her. I kept passing this fireplace shop which had in its window a big ugly gargoyle. I fell in love it and asked them if they wanted to sell it. They said no but I kept asking, then we haggled, and eventually I bought it. He weighs more than half a tonne and sits in our garden."

EVER HAD A HOLIDAY ROMANCE? SPILL THE BEANSa "Not really. I travelled very little before I started work, and I've known my missus almost since I started work. So no."