Staffordshire News reports that a number of soap stars are expected at this evenings opening of Hamlet at Stafford Castle. While BBC Stoke & Stafford post an article and interview with Joseph.
"Directors at the Stafford Gatehouse have cut the production down to more palatable two hours and Joseph says it's brought out the action and drama.
"If you just came on, and went doom and gloom, there would be no play. The minute the ghost of his (Hamlet's) dead dad arrives, it becomes this exciting revenge thriller, that just goes bang-bang-bang! It's like a Tarantino movie or something."
But there's no guns, Pulp Fiction style here - just swords for the big climatic fight between Hamlet and Laertes, a weapon Joseph is no stranger to. "No matter how good you are at it, and I've done a lot of sword fighting, accidents happen. You have to really trust the other person. It's over 14 or 15 years but I have managed to scar 2 other people" he laughs. "One in the face, one in the ear.
"I'm a little bit short sighted, so it's a bit scary fighting me. But the audience need that at the end - the kind of 'yeah! they're actually doing something' and they're really fighting each other.""