Is everyone ready for the big return tomorrow night? To build the anticipation further, there is a lovely interview with Joseph on the Holby TV website, where he discusses all things Holby, Luc Hemingway and of course "Leddi"! It's a lovely long interview, so read the whole thing on the Holby TV site.

Why does Luc keep coming back for more?

I think he must have fallen in love, simple as that! Probably the only time in his life that he's ever felt like that so he doesn't recognise it. Shorthand is he's Dr Spock - he's a Vulcan. He's devoid of feelings, I suspect he would be on the social scale of Aspergic, he doesn't quite register empathy in the way most people do. He's very tunnel visioned. Dr Spock married with Sherlock Holmes!...

...Can you tell us anymore about the upcoming films you are in?

The little film, hats off to them is a British film called 'Dead of the Nite', yet another horror but a good cast. Tony Todd who played the Candyman is in it. That was great fun. 'I Give It A Year' is the other film which I think is going to be big next year! It'll be out on Valentines Day. It's a mickey take of any Richard Curtis film ever made! It's written and directed by Dan Mazer who also directed Bruno and Borat. There's a good ensemble cast. I play Anna Faris' boyfriend in a few scenes, god knows what they will use from it as there's a lot of improvising! We did a 12 hour shoot of a comedy threesome and you'd think that would be the best day's work you'd ever have but it was a nightmare! But seriously the script is so good, that you'd have to work really hard for it not to be brilliant. I can't wait to see it even if I'm cut out of it!

So are you glad to be back on Holby?

I'm not just saying this but it's just the best place to be on. I've done a few long running TV things but I've never known anything like this. I laugh from 7 in the morning to 7 at night. I think I'm especially lucky in the ward I'm working on; AAU with Bob Barrett, Hari Dhillon, Sarah-Jane Potts and Tina Hobley. We just have a laugh! The whole crew and directors too! AAU is exciting, it's the closest to Casualty - we're the next ward up! So we get to whizz in to the wards with all sorts of drama! It's always hectic; it's more sedate on the other wards!