Several TV magazines have various articles and interviews with Joseph about his first episode as Luc Hemingway in next week's Holby City. Thanks to Lorna for the scans, they have been added to the galleries. 

One of the interviews, with TV Choice, can be read in full on their website. 

Is there a role that you’d love to play?

All the parts I really want to play, I’ve got to wait for another 30 years or so to do. There are a few plays I’d really love to, like King Lear. I’ve played Hamlet now so I’ve ticked that one off. But I’d like another go, to be honest. There’s a play called The Entertainer that I'd really like to do — I’ve got to wait a while for that, though. Also, I did a film with Mackenzie Crook called Abraham’s Point, which is being relaunched next year. The director of that has written a film for me. The part I most want to play is the part I will be playing in that. We should be filming it in a couple of years. It’s called Exile One Ten and it’s the best thing I’ve ever read. I can’t believe I’ll be doing it.