The What's On TV website has an interview with Joseph about tomorrow night's episode a future episode of Holby City. Read the interview in full on the website.

Luc Hemingway must stop a deadly disease in this week's Holby City before it claims lives, as Joseph Millson reveals...

Luc's got some very sick patients on AAU in this week's episode – and it doesn't help that colleague Eddi's late on shift. What's their relationship been like since they kissed?

"At the moment, they're in a 'can’t live with, can't live without' place. Luc and Eddi seem to look forward to seeing each other at work but can't help but annoy one another once they're there – and that's certainly what happens this week."

At one point, Eddi says she's tired of trying to understand Luc. Do you like his air of mystery?

"Yes, I do. Luc's such a complicated and private man, which is fun to play especially because I'm the opposite. I walk into a room and people know my life story within seconds, I can't help it. I massively over-share!"

ETA - the interview has been published a little too soon. The episode in question wont air for another couple of weeks.