Another interview with Alexandra Gilbreath (are there to be no interviews with Joseph?!) has been shared on this website, with some kind words to say about Joseph as Willmore in The Rover. 

Joseph Millson plays the wild rover with stupendous wit and verve: he is — and I say this without hyperbole — a veritable sex god. Alex agrees.

“He’s absolutely gorgeous,” she laughs. “He’s really is. It feels like Aphra Behn’s been waiting 300 years for him. Joe has such charm and panache; he has the exceptional quality of being able play a character who is incredibly charming and quite dangerous, and yet the audience are his, they are with him — he’s all things to all people. He is perfect, although I’m sure his wife would disagree! “But yes, he’s just glorious. I think he would make a wonderful Cyrano de Bergerac. There is that inner joy… we are having such fun!”

The production is laugh-out-loud funny, and sizzles with live salsa music and tons of passion. It is a proper romp, but has it got more to it than that?