The Guardian are carrying an article about the production with a brief interview with Joseph.

"I go upstairs, past chattering chorus girls too bright and colourful for real life, to have a word with the appalling Raoul. In the original, he is heroically boring; in Love Never Dies, he is a drunk. Raoul, played by Joseph Millson, wears a beautiful grey suit and his legs are very long. I feel slightly sorry for the appalling Raoul. Michael Ball played him at one point, and called the role "thankless"; but Millson can still, perhaps, give me some insights. Why is the Phantom so fascinating? "Everyone can identify on some level with the Phantom," he says. "Everyone wears masks. Everyone has felt like they want to hide away in their cave." He looks away."

There are 2 more images of Joseph as Raoul (including this one) and the rest of the cast from the photocall on