The Globe On Screen has announced the dates for cinema screenings of Macbeth in the US and Canada. From 11th November 2014 in US and March 28th 2015 in Canada.


When three witches tell Macbeth that he is destined to occupy the throne of Scotland, he and his wife choose to become the instruments of their fate and to kill the first man standing in their path, the virtuous King Duncan. But to maintain his position, Macbeth must keep on killing – first Banquo, his old comrade-in-arms; then, as the atmosphere of guilt and paranoia thickens, anyone who seems to threaten his tyrant’s crown. From its mesmerising first moments to the last fulfilment of the witches’ prophecy, Shakespeare’s gripping account of the profoundest engagement with the forces of evil enthrals the imagination.

In cinemas from Tues November 11 in the USA and Sat March 28, 2015 in Canada.