A couple of great new reviews for Macbeth have appeared in searches. Read them in full on the original sites. 

Joseph Millson does a great job in the title role, his Macbeth’s fiery temper increasing the drama and sense of instability. Clearly at home in the Globe – like many of the cast, Millson’s direct addresses to the crowd create a sense of startling immediacy. The London Magazine

Spiro, often known for her award winning roles in musicals makes a feisty, hard-nosed companion to Joseph Millson’s unusually dashing Macbeth in this latest revival at Shakespeare’s Globe... ...Millson is at his best in moments of reflection whilst Spiro is surprisingly moving in her `washing hands’ scene. The charting of the collapse of this partnership, torn apart by collusion in murder however is the production’s most abiding success. London Grip

Finally The Times paywall down for a brief time revealed in full their wonderful 4 star review for Macbeth.

Here at the Globe in London, it’s Joseph Millson and Samantha Spiro starring in Eve Best’s utterly absorbing, unusually amusing staging, which shows us a loving couple whose souls blacken as marriage frays... ...Millson is remarkable: clubbable, capricious, enjoyably sarcastic, frenzied, but always emotionally legible. They give performances to relish of clarity and intimacy... ...This journey to the dark side has rarely been so refreshing.