The Sunday Telegraph carried an interview with Macbeth director Eve Best about the production, which begins previews on 22nd June, and also shared a photo of the cast in rehearsal. Apparently her production won't be dark and gloomy. The article can be read via ePaper

Best’s production will, she says, be far from bleak. ‘In the face of what’s going on in the world, I feel like I want to be looking for light and optimism in every possible way. And I would really love it if we can find that light in Macbeth. It’s a tall order but it’s there.’ She believes that, at heart, the play is ‘the story of a good man who makes the worst possible decision and completely unravels – but I do believe he redeems himself at the end. And it’s important to remember that at the beginning of the play the Macbeths are a golden couple. Until Duncan gets killed everything’s going really well: it’s the end of the war, they’ve won, and Macbeth is the hero. Until that point, as far as everyone else in the room is concerned, it’s Much Ado About Nothing.’