A fabulous new interview with Joseph has been shared by What's On Stage, where he discusses Macbeth and other Shakespeare roles he would like to play.  Read it in full on the WOS site.

Have you enjoyed your summer playing Macbeth?

I've bloody loved my summer playing Macbeth! I can't really find the words to describe how much. I feel like I've been giving Globe-sized performances in smaller venues my whole career and have finally come home. The place just fits me like a glove...

... Any other Shakespearean roles on your wish list?

Lots - Coriolanus, Antony, Lear, Hamlet (again), Leontes, Richard III... There are of course some excellent minor roles - the best being Ford in The Merry Wives of Windsor - but once you get used to playing the major roles you do want to do the others. You get a taste for marathon running, as it were. Ever since I did Faulconbridge [in King John] and then Hamlet, I found my legs. Lear's one I'd love to do before I'm too old – I think it's a mistake to get octogenarian old actors to do it, because you need so much energy. Greg Hicks recently played it in his early 50s, for example, and was great.

What's next?

I'm waiting to see which of the plates I currently have spinning end up staying on the stick. Next will probably be TV or film, but I hope to do theatre again soon. I want to spread a rumour that I'd like to do a production Antony and Cleopatra at the Globe with Eve Best. Oh, and Much Ado or As You Like It with my fiance Sarah-Jane Potts. If you could make those rumours official I'd be very grateful!