Noises Off is currently playing at the Phoenix Theatre in London's Westend until 11th March, to fantastic reviews, having had a very succesful tour of the UK. Get tickets here before they sell out.

Joseph Millson bears the heroic brunt of the physical comedy, lurching up and down stairs and through slamming doors (that old farce standard) with his shoelaces tied together, as her toyboy lover and costar Gary Lejeune. Evening Standard

Joseph Millson shines for his physical comedy as short-fused Gary Lejeune, proving to his co-workers and audience alike that nobody will stand between him and his beloved, Dotty Otley. Broadway World

Joseph Millson as Garry has the audience in hysterics, mainly for the flawless slapstick deployed at exactly the right moments. Theatre Weekly

Yet any quibbles melt in the presence of Joseph Millson, whose rendition of the alpha-male leading man Garry Lejeune is a spring-loaded masterpiece in itself. Flying high on his actorly vitality, Garry gives so much life to the line “The sardines . . . they’re GONE!” it deserves its own entry in the cast list. Yet as jealousy and fatigue set in, Millson shows us a man fraying in a way Fawltyish and so frantically his own it could get him a gig with Cirque du Soleil. The Times

But it's Joseph Millson as the spurned Garry, rising to a frenzy of jealousy and fury, falling down stairs and tripping up them with a fantastic combination of control and abandon who gives the last two acts their almost terrifying energy. What's On Stage

Joseph Millson brings brilliant physicality to the increasingly manic Garry Lejeune, crashing through doors and down stairs so convincingly that you check for bruises. Financial Times