Several of Joseph's Radio plays and narrations can be bought / downloaded online.

- Radio 3 play Tosca's Kiss is available now as a free "Drama of the Week" download. 

- The biographical dramas for The Real George Orwell can be pre-ordered / purchased from AudioGo

Loving will broadcast tomorrow on Radio 4 at 2.15pm while the final drama Jura will air next Monday 18th Feb.

The Guardian reviewed Down and Out in London and Paris

Still. It's rare to get a voice on the radio to match the voice in your head, and the more I've listened, the more I've enjoyed it. Such beautiful words! Such compassion! Such battened-down humour! Week one was mostly concerned with Paris, where Orwell landed some work in hotel kitchens as a lowly dishwasher. Last week was the London section, which is mostly Orwell hanging with tramps. He describes his fellow non-workers so well you can see them standing before you, hungry, dirty, defiant. A scene where they all washed at a doss house, in a room 20ft square with two bathtubs and two slimy roller towels, is seared on my mind, although of course I've never seen it. Good writing, combined with radio, is amazing like that.