The BBC Press Office has shared details of the second part of The Real George Orwell - Burma, in which Joseph plays Eric Blair. It will broadcast from 2.15 - 3pm on Monday 28th January 2013.

After an undistinguished academic career at Eton, Eric leaves in December 1921. Unlike most of his friends, his parents can't afford to send him to university. When the girl he hopes to marry rejects him, he sets sail for Burma to join the colonial police. His experiences in Burma will affect him profoundly. They will give him material for essays such as 'A Hanging' and 'Shooting An Elephant', and his first novel, 'Burmese Days' - and they will begin to shape his political thinking. When he rejects the Empire and returns to England, Blair begins to spend more and more time with the poor.

With Joseph Millson as Eric Blair, Sophie Roberts as Jacintha Buddicom, Joseph Kloska as Wilson, Ernest Ignatius as Inspector d’Souza, Armaan Kirmani as a Burmese youth, Derek Riddell as a Man on train and Alun Raglan as Ted. By Mike Walker.